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[WS1] Using ILWIS software for satellite image processing and the creation of geoprocessing workflows

Rob Lemmens, Martin Schouwenburg, Bas Retsios, Chris Mannaerts, Diana Chavarro Rincon, Willem Nieuwenhuis, Hans van der Kwast

This workshop will demonstrate the features of the ILWIS open source GIS and Remote Sensing software for exploring and processing satellite images and geospatial data. In guided hands-on exercises, participants explore a catalog service with satellite image data and apply simple raster operations. These will be represented in visual geoprocessing workflows and python. One of the aims is to combine satellite image data, in-situ station data and human sensor observations to analyze water resources data and information reliability in Africa. These workflows are put into practice in the AfriAlliance project, aiming at preparing Africa for current and future climate change challenges.

Please bring your laptop. We’ll use an online course environment for sharing tutorial materials, software and data. Please make sure that you have shared your email address with the organizer so that we can enroll you in the course.

[WS2] 4ONSE: build a scientific weather monitoring system based on open hardware, open software, open standard and open data

Massimiliano Cannata, Milan Antonovic, Daniele Strigaro, Rangajeewa Ratnayake and BH Sudantha

This workshop will demonstrate how to build a scientific climatic monitoring system using only Open technologies. Open Hardware (Arduino) will permit to set up a scientific weather station at low cost, Open Software (istSOS) will permit to collect and manage data with particular focus on data quality and real time availability, Open Standard (OGC-SOS) will permit to share data that are interoperable for a large consume and utilization, Open Data (ODBL) will leverage data usage and create new opportunities for better coping with societal challenges. This approach has been implemented within the 4ONSE project ( following the Open Science principles.

Please bring your laptop for experimenting some data analysis. Software will be provided in the class.